"You give up so much when you have to get rid of all your possessions that you accumulated for about 65 years and you lose some of your independency. You know the places I’ve seen before that I went to visit, I thought, O my God, all those people do is sit around in wheelchairs and sleep and I thought, I hope that doesn’t happen to me which I was very lucky it didn’t."
Edith Bendis - Resident

"If anybody wants to move into a nursing home I would recommend it, I really would.  They won’t let me play golf everyday, but that’s all right I don’t have any golf clubs anymore. But they care and they listen."
Fluffy Hansisak - Resident

"…that if they came to St. Patrick’s Residence and they had a chance to talk with the Sisters here about how they view care and if they had a chance to talk to a few of the residents about the care that they actually receive and if they had a chance to absorb the loving atmosphere that exists at this residence, there would be no hesitancy on their part to support the good work that is done here.  It is unique and it is very, very important."
Frank Slocumb - St. Patrick's Board Member

"…she passed away and we held her funeral Mass in this chapel and some of the family wondered why we didn’t go back to the parish church and have her funeral there and when they saw the staff come to comfort us, the nurses, even people that were not on duty at the time the funeral was held came to pay their respects and told how much they would miss her."
Kay Slocumb - Past Resident's Family Member

"One day I came and my mother-in-law is not a crafty person. She never was into that, she was into hard work and whatever you did had to have a purpose and I saw her sitting at the table participating in one of the craft events and just smiling and having fun and it was just so wonderful to see the big smile on her face and to see her enjoying that."
Nancy Krause - Past Resident's Family Member

"It means a lot to her to go to Mass and it means a lot for me to have her here.  To know that she has someone who cares so much for her. And to me the Sisters here treat this like their home and therefore they treat the people here as their guests as their very intimate family and it’s a good feeling to have."
Patty Copenhaver - Past Resident's Family Member


 Additional St. Patrick's Testimonials

Testimonials“Thank You for providing not only for my mom’s health needs, but also her spiritual and psychological needs.”  
Pat S.

“From our first contact with the staff, prior to her admission, all the way through our contacts following her death, staff and administration provided wonderfully compassionate care to our mother.” 
Resident Family

“In the final days of her life, it seemed as if every possible effort was made to assure the comfort of our mother in an atmosphere of reverence and respect.”
Resident Family

“We will always hold a special place in our hearts for those at St. Patrick’s who made our family’s final journey with our mother so special.”
Resident Family

“If it weren’t for my therapists, I don’t know where I would be today. When I came here two weeks ago, I couldn’t get out of bed by myself.” 
Julie A., who came to St. Patrick’s following surgery

“Thank you for the gift of sharing the warmth and hospitality of welcoming my father into your home and making it his home too.” 
Resident Family

“In just two short months, you and your staff have worked tirelessly to identify and meet all of my father’s spiritual, personal and social needs.”
Resident Family

“Thanks to the work of the St. Patrick’s team to initiate programs and services for my dad, he has started to gain weight, stood, walked and enjoys a social life.” 
Resident Family

“When Mom fell and it wasn’t possible to bring her back home, I needed to quickly find a place where she could be taken care of until she could return home.” 
Phyllis O.

“We are blessed and most grateful to the Holy Spirit to have found you and your residence.” 
Resident Family

“You have all truly clasped my dad’s hand and given a new meaning to his life. You have touched our hearts forever.”  Resident Family

“The wonderful Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm could not be more loving and caring to the residents and their families.”
Resident Family

“The Sisters and staff became like family to our father. He was treated with dignity at all times and no concern expressed by his children was ever ignored. St. Patrick’s did for our father what we could no longer manage at home.”
Resident Family

“God bless the entire staff of St. Patrick’s for all you did for our father, who deserved only the best, and received it from you.”
Resident Family


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“Thank You for providing not only for my mom’s health needs, but also her spiritual and psychological needs.” 

“We will always hold a special place in our hearts for those at St. Patrick’s who made our family’s final journey with our mother so special.”